plant list

HP Indigo 100K

The world's most productive B2 digital press with true non-stop print capabilities. Maximum paper thickness is 450mic and capable of 6,000 sheets per hour.

2 X 'HD' HP Indigo 12000

High-definition digital offset press with B2 sheet size, white ink kit, maximum specified paper thickness is 445mic and capable of 4,600 sheets per hour.

HP Indigo 7900

Digital offset press with 7 colours, white ink, heavy substrate kit up to 500mic, one shot for printing plastic and products in perfect register.

2 x HP Indigo WS6900

High-resolution digital web press with white, metallic silver and fluorescent pink ink options, capable of running at 60 meters a minute.

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL106 - 6LX

6 colour plus coater B1 machine with inpress control. 2016 Specification, 18,000 sheet per hour machine with support for UV and conventional inks.

4 X ABG Digilase Series 4 - Laser Cutters

Innovative label finishing machine, with state-of-the-art laser cutting technology. Traditional die cutting tools are not required.

ABG Digicon Lite 3 - Die Cutter

Compact semi rotary die cutting machine with label gap sensor and auto slit knives. Capable of running at 64 linear meters a minute.

2 X ABG RTS Sheeter

A servo driven sheeter with a guillotine style cutting action. Capable of producing sheets and singles, this machine runs a 330mm web width.

ABG Digijet - Jet Varnish & Foil

Digital embellishment machine that requires no tooling. Fully digital system, allowing for multiple processes in one pass, including spot varnishing and cold foiling.

2 X Automated Core Cutters

Automatic cardboard core cutters that produce a clear burr free cut.

Kolbus 610A - Perfect Binder

State-of-the-art perfect binder that can run at 8,000 books per hour.

Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST450

Saddle stitcher with a speed of up to 14,000 books per hour.

Horizon Stitch-Liner MKIII (4 Station)

24 station stitcher with 2 stitching heads and 3 knife trimming.

Horizon Stitch-Liner MKIII (6 Station)

36 station stitcher with 2 stitching heads and 3 knife trimming.

Horizon SPF-200L

Stitching line that runs at 4,000 books per hour. Ideal for landscape brochures.

Renz Mobi 500 Wire Binding System

High-speed, semi-automatic binding system with 13 wire diameters.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-56

Closed Gate Fold option, has 6/4 buckles and automated setup.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH-82

High-productivity, push-to-stop pallet-fed folding machine.

Heidelberg Stahlfolder TI-52

8 buckle folding machine with Tremat feeder.

Heidelberg KH66 Combination Folder

4 buckles and 2 knives, primarily used for brochure section folding.

3 X Multigraf Touchline CF-375

Creasing machine. Automatic crease bar calibration & pressure adjustment.

2 X Morgana Autocreaser Pro XL

Vacuum fed creasing machine with unique rule to avoid tearing and cracking.

Multigraf CP-375 Duo Perfing Machine

Mid volume creasing and perfing machine, capable of 20 creases in 1 run.

Morgana Autocreaser Pro 50

Short run creasing machine that can take sheets up to 700mm x 500mm.

Autobond Mini 74 TPHS - PHPC

Extremely versatile thermal laminator with double sided perfector option.

Autobond Mini 76 TPHS

Fully automatic thermal laminator with a maximum speed of 60m per minute.

3 X Polar Guillotines (115X PLUS, 115XT & 92X)

3 state of the art Programmatic guillotines in varying sizes.

Heidelberg Varimatrix 105CS

Precision Flatbed Die Cutter with stripping.

B&H Heidelberg Cylinder SB for Die Cutting & Embossing

Repurposed Heidelberg machine, used for die cutting.

B&H Heidelberg Cylinder SBG With Hot Foil Conversion

Repurposed Heidelberg machine, used for hot foiling.

Durselen Drill PB.04

High performance paper drill with 4 liquid cooled heads.

Renz Autopunch AP360

Heavy duty, high-speed, floor standing automatic punching system.

Moll Pile PT Capacity and Flat Folder Gluer

Pile feeding Presentation Folder gluing machine with non-marking air wheel.

CWT 1640 Cutting Table

Flat bed mounting and cutting table for Large Format products.

Warrior Round Cornering Machine 21146A

Heavy duty round cornering machine, capable of taking up to 70mm stack height.

HP Latex 570

High speed Large Format printer with scratch resistant HP Latex inks.

Screen Platerite 8900NZ CTP

The world's fastest plate setter. Output speed of 70 B1 plates per hour.

Nela SF Plate Bender

Plate bending machine, capable of bending and punching 120 plates per hour.

2 X Smipack FP6000 Shrink Wrappers

Semi automatic shrink wrapper capable of running up to 30m per minute.